About Us

ProWaste is a full-service waste and recycling consultation company. We invest our industry expertise into your business and offer risk-free programs that achieve direct bottom-line savings to fixed costs every month and yeild higher returns on commodity streams. If ProWaste is unable to identify savings opportuites for your business through a reduction in monthly vendor expenses, refunds, credits or returns, we will not be compensated. ProWaste only makes money by sharing the actual savings achieved we identify for our clients!
ProWaste has grown it’s portfolio to over 1,200 client locations throughout the country achieving market density in 24 states. This allows our customers to benefit from our buying power with their vendors!

ProWaste will:

Review your current operations:

ProWaste will develop an in-depth understanding of your unique waste / recycling streams and service needs by reviewing your current monthly expenses, service levels and providing on-site audits.

Identify opportunities:

ProWaste applies our propritary 30 step process to identify on-going savings through the latest diversion technologies, transportation systems, disposal logistics, disposal alternatives, container alternatives, frequency control and commodity pricing for recyclable material(s).

Present the plan:

ProWaste will present the recommendations and include a detailed analysis of the expected financial impact. Your management team will fully understand the proposed changes as well as the financial impact before approving the recommendations.

Implement the plan:

ProWaste will coordinate approved service and billing changes with your vendor(s), implement the changes with your vendor(s) and provide training when applicable to each locations staff members.

On-going service:

ProWaste will save you time by providing one point of contact to serve as an expiditer for your business in customer service with your vendor(s). ProWaste will manage and monitor the operations and seasonality of your business as well as audit and consolidate your invoices and provide monthly statments to quantify the savings and insure the programs standards are maintained, errors and overcharges are identified and corrected, and that the expected savings are being achieved each and every month.